Aida Azadegan


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Dr Aida Azadegan has received her PhD degree in Information Systems Design from Manchester Business School, UK and continued her research as a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in The University of Nottingham, Nottingham University Business School.


Aida is currently a Senior Project Manager Analyst at  Innova Integra a multi-disciplinary Research and Innovation company in Reading, UK.


Before her current position, Aida took academic positions in different universities in the UK as a Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer mainly focusing on Research collaborations by working on different European funded research projects.


Aida has published several papers and served in Program Committees of International Conferences and as a reviewer of academic journals. She has received the  NSFC Outstanding International Young Scientist Award and the NLA doctoral fellowship award.


Her current research interests include  Information Systems Design and Management, Human Factors, Human Computer Interaction Design, Requirements Engineering and Collaboration Engineering.